6 Options For Hosting An Amazing Virtual Holiday Party

With holiday parties fast approaching, it’s not only important to get everyone through the office door but also to make sure that they have a great time once they walk in! Omicron has been causing all sorts of havoc in our world and with it ending tomorrow, we want to help you make sure your staff is ready for what could be an even more stressful year ahead! But that doesn’t mean there’s no room for fun – in fact, we’ve found some products that will ensure your team finds ways to enjoy themselves even among the mayhem. Makers have continued working away this year, constructing virtual HQs to support the uptick in companies with remote and hybrid teams.

6 new products to set a virtual holiday party

1. Wonder 2.0:

Our focus is on facilitating engagement between participants, rather than making spaces more immersive.  We are in the preliminary stages of developing Wonder 2.0, a tool for identifying and helping to establish connections between like-minded people via visual lookbooks and other programmatic means… Wonder will aid in finding commonalities amongst users by utilizing icebreaker questions that can help open the doors for more meaningful interactions.

2. Topia 2.0:

The platform was originally rebuilt from the ground up but has been further enhanced since its initial launch. We now offer a private zone for having private group conversations, broadcast podiums for panels and Q&A sessions as well as embedded live streaming video platforms like Twitch and Youtube, enabling live ‘teleporting’ from location to location as you enjoy watching events unfold.

3. Skittish:


Host, your own games… in a colorful game-like 3D world. If you’re camera-shy, no problem. Use your mic to talk to others near you with our spacial audio technology making it feel like they’re right next to you.

4. Teamflow 2.0:


This complete design of a new office or home renovation will make the most of any space, whether indoors or outdoors. Walls, textures and colors like grass, water and paths can create open areas for entertaining or meeting with your team; create separate rooms that have permissions set to only allow those you choose to access; keep everything in order with an integrated surveillance system; use a shared browser where everyone at your company will be able to work on it seamlessly without conflict.

5. Kosy:


Make your space your own with one of our integrations including whiteboards, screen sharing, YouTube, Google Drive, and Figma. Treat yourself to a break during the day and go get a cup of coffee. Engage in friendly competition by creating contests via our leaderboard tools. These are ways that you can create an office culture that encourages productivity and teamwork!

6. Gather:

Gather has amassed a large community and is constantly adding new features to bring people together for video calls and meetings. Users can enjoy interactive features with the use of applications like Teleport, and can choose from a wide range of premade maps such as an airport runway or a castle on hill-the possibilities are endless!


You’ve likely seen a virtual office here and a new metaverse there. Brands have continued working away this year, constructing HQs to support the uptick in companies with remote and hybrid teams.

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