8 Uber Cool Must-have Office Gadgets

We live in a tech-dominated world; there’s a need for offices to maintain employee productivity and gain a considerable competitive edge. Both regular workspaces and home offices must invest in the latest technology and finest office equipment.

Here are a few ways you can bring about tech optimization to your workplace without breaking the bank:

A Pomodoro Timer

A lot of you must already have heard about the famous Pomodoro technique. A productivity booster, this technique works well to encourage employees to work for 25 minutes at a time on a set task, followed by a short break, and finally head back to work. After having completed four back-to-back 25-minute sessions, one can take a longer break. A lovely Pomodoro timer would beautifully encourage better scheduling and help your employees stay on track.

Washable Keyboards 

You don’t want to be stuck with a sticky keyboard, do ya? Offices are the hotspots for coffee and soda spills. Spending money on washable keyboards would mean not having an employee sentence themselves over again by running around cleaning up after themselves! Invest in waterproof ones instead that can handle any mess brought into work each day without letting it ruin productivity like some other products might do.

A High-Tech Memo Board

Do you remember the days of pen and paper? It was a simpler time when we were all able to dictate our thoughts with just one person in mind. But now that life is more complicated than ever before, those old ways aren’t cutting it anymore! So what do people use instead of their trusty ol’ memo board (which most likely has been collecting dust since those pesky emails started flooding inboxes)? High tech tablets like these LCD writing pads can be placed anywhere from kitchens as well other high traffic areas so employees know about upcoming events/announcements.

Cable Organizers 

If you’re a Type A person who’s stressed out when walking into an office with tangled-up cords, consider getting cable organizers for your team. These little desk accessories can go a long way in helping keep things neat and tidy!

With the right cable organizers, your team can avoid a cluttered workspace and become more productive. These little desk accessories will keep everyone’s cords organized in one place so they’re never tangled or wrapped around something else again!

A Smart Warming Coffee Mug

When office workers are too busy to stop by their coffee pot, they need a self-warming mug that will keep drinks hot so it’s easier on them. The Managers often have the most difficult time because there are always multiple deadlines and projects at once with little time left over for anything else – but not anymore! There are self-warming mugs designed specifically for managers who are always on the go, in order to prevent cold beverages before even having had an opportunity to enjoy themselves, first thing after waking up each morning.

Label Writers

With the right label writer, you can print all of your label needs with one machine. A wide-format printer that is compatible to work on any standard-sized paper and has an easy interface, will make it perfect for even those who are new at using these types of machines! You’ll be able to use this nifty office gadget in order to put together shipping labels as well as warehouse inventory reports without hassle

A label printer allows businesses, both big and small, to get everything done from any internet-enabled device.

Wall-Mounted TV Dashboard

With a Wall Mounted TV Dashboard, your office can display its performance to the entire company. The cool innovation of combining a web dashboard tool with a casting device like Airtame or Chromecast will not only make you more competitive in today’s market but also promote transparency and data awareness among staff members!

Adjustable Standing Desk

A standing desk is an office gadget that can help you combat pain and other health issues by switching between sitting down at your computer screen or using some of your time off work to stand. Users say these problems go away after they start standing while working in the same room all day long!

A tall adjustable-height stool will be able to keep your back healthy both when seated as well as postured upwards – you’ll never need another chair again thanks to this fantastic piece of equipment!

Final Word

The office is a stressful place. Between deadlines, meetings and projects it’s easy to get lost in the hustle of it all; but that’s not what you want for your team! These twelve gadgets are sure to make their lives easier by giving them more time off – so be thankful they have these awesome tools at work with them every day.

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