What is the Discord App? A Guide to Discord

If you are into gaming or play many video games, you will be familiar with the name Discord.

Discord Inc. founded Discord in 2015, designed especially for gamers to communicate with each other, but now is used by many communities for group talk or to hang out.

People use Discord to talk about projects to homework, family chats to group discussions, stream movies together, play online games, mental support, and online coaching.

In addition, it is suited for any group of any size but is widely used by small groups of people or an active group.

Want to know more? In this post, you will know everything about Discord.

What is Discord?

Discord is a free voice, text, chat app used by millions of people over 13 years to hang out with their friends or communities.

It is divided into servers, on which each has its members, rules, topics, and voice channels.

As I said earlier, Discord was specially designed for gamers. It allows gamers to voice, video, and even live-stream their video games with others.

Moreover, Discord boomed during the pandemic as most people were spending time playing video games, streaming movies together, works became remotely for most of the companies, etc. The company claimed that there were about 140 million active users at that time.

How to Get Started with Discord?

You can run Discord in the browser or download the app from Discord’s website.

Once the app is installed, you need to create an account. After the creation is complete, the app gives you different customization options.

Then, after everything is set up, you can create a Discord server yourself and send invitation codes to others or by using the codes to join the pre-existing Discord server created by server owners.

To create a Discord server, you need a valid server name, nothing else.

Unfortunately, you cannot browse through a different server on the Discord itself, but finding an active Discord server is not a difficult task. You can find various verified active open communities with a Google search, get their code and join the community.

Many popular content creators and game streamers will have an open community where millions of people can join.

Where can I use Discord?

Discord is available for both Windows and Mac computers. As I said earlier, you can access Discord through a browser or by installing the Discord app, which you can be download from the official site of Discord.

At the same time, the browser’s version has some limitations, like you can bring up the Discord screen overlay while you are playing the game, which you can do if you install the app to your PC.

It is also downloadable for iOS and Android phones and contains similar features as on the desktop.

In consoles, you can use Discord on the Xbox one only; for now, you can only see what your friends are playing and can’t chat or do other things. Also, Discord is coming to the Playstation soon as Sony has invested the Discord.

What makes Discord better than other VoIP services?

So why Discord is better than other VoIP services like Viber, Skype, Wechat, etc.

If you have a small group of friends while playing video games, then Skype and Discord will work fine, and there will not be an issue.

However, Discord gives you an advantage as you can run Discord in the browser, which Skype or most of the VoIP services won’t give you. It will let you change other players’ mic levels and volumes and offer low-latency voice chat while talking to players worldwide.

On the other hand, installing the Discord app will let you bring up screen overlay while playing video games, which makes it easy to tweak audio levels or type something quick.

Why is Discord best for Larger Groups?

Discord shines at its best when it comes to managing a large group of people as you can create a Discord server with separate voice channels with unique levels of access permissions for different user profiles.

It prevents servers from keeping everyone in a single giant Discord server or voice-chat channel and helps in server boosting.

In addition, different admin and moderator tools will let things go smoothly even no moderator is available.

When it comes to very big servers like PUBG or Minecraft servers, many tools can prevent different problems that may arise while playing.

The well-managed Discord means organized messages in different ways with locked announcements and guidelines.

What is Discord Nitro?

Discord Nitro is simply an upgraded version of the basic Discord. You can sign up for Discord Nitro for 10$ a month or 100$ a year, which offers you more functions than the basic Discord version.

Some of the functions that Discord Nitro gives you are larger image-upload caps (up to 100MB) and higher video quality screen sharing.

Other functions are just customizable ones like animated avatars and animated emojis that you can use in chats.

Also, you may personalize the number that appears after your name on Discord, and you’ll receive a unique badge to show your support.

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